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Summer’s here - and so are eco-friendly sunglasses!

bamboo eco friendly plastic free sun glasses

Summer is here – Hurrah! This year I’ve committed to not purchase 2 or 3 pairs of cheap supermarket sunglasses that get trodden on by the kids or lost in my busy work/mum life.

Instead, I’ve opted to spend a teeny bit more and buy a lovely pair of bamboo sunglasses. I chose www.swolepanda.com , a British company whose frames are made from sustainable bamboo.

They also sell many other lovely clothing accessories such as socks and scarves which I’m sure I’ll be trying out in the future!

The quality is great, they are lightweight and sturdy and most importantly, they are a great fit for my teeny tiny pea head! I have very sensitive eyes and so it’s great that the lenses are 100% UVA/UVB ray protected to block out glare.

If wooden sunglasses aren’t your thing, then take a look at https://www.sea2see.org who make their frames entirely out of reclaimed and recycled fishing nets and ropes from the coast of Spain.

I constantly get comments about how lovely my sunglasses are, and it’s nice to be a little different amongst a world of plastic frames out there!

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