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Our 5 Favourite Eco Bathroom Products

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Here we have compiled a list of our top 5 bathroom products for anyone trying to live an eco friendly lifestyle!

  1. Bamboo Soap Dish | Slotted, Plain or Striped

Our 5 Favourite Eco Bathroom Products

These bamboo soap dishes are perfect for anyone trying to reduce their plastic waste buy purchasing soap bars instead of bottled shampoo, shower gel and liquid soap. The perfect size for a standard bar of soap, with little grips underneath to keep it secure on slippery bathroom surfaces, and with drainage holes to avoid your bar of soap becoming a sticky mess!

Choose from three styles and find the right one for you. These bamboo soap dishes are an essential item for every eco bathroom.

  1. Eco-Naturals Everyday Deodorants | 80g and 40g Tins

Our 5 Favourite Eco Bathroom Products

It can be hard to find a good plastic free deodorant, but we love Eco-Naturals Everyday Deodorants! Made locally, these natural deodorants are ideal for everyone, including those with sensitive skin. With two sizes available, you can choose from a fragrance free or a calming infusion of lavender and bergamot essential oils option. To apply, simply…

1) SCOOP - use a clean finger, or the wooden scoop provided, to scoop out a pea sized amount of deodorant from the pot. 

2) SMOOSH – soften the pea sized amount of deodorant between your fingertips until it becomes cream like in texture. 

3) SPREAD – spread the deodorant around your armpit area and massage in until it’s fully absorbed. Don’t forget to use this step to get to know your armpits and check for any changes! 

  1. Georganics Natural Silk Dental Floss

Our 5 Favourite Eco Bathroom Products

With a glass dispenser, this Ahimsa silk floss is completely plastic free. The dispenser can be reused over and over again, just purchase the silk floss as a refill when your supply is getting low. This floss consists of just three ingredients, silk, candelilla wax and cardamon oil to keep your mouth feeling fresh with a subtle aromatic flavour. You can even purchase a spearmint refill which will fit the dispenser too!

  1. Georganics Mouthwash Tablets | Spearmint

Georganics Mouthwash Tablets | Green Alternatives

These spearmint mouthwash tablets are a genius invention! Georganics have cleverly extracted the dental cleaning elements from mouthwash into these handy little tablets which just need to be dissolved in water. They therefore have a reduced carbon footprint as more can be transported at once, while also cutting out plastic all together and being completely natural, food grade and non-toxic!

Simply pop a tablet into 20ml water before you brush your teeth, and by the time you’ve finished brushing, the tablet should be dissolved and ready. Swill around your mouth for 30 seconds and spit out when done.

  1. Loofah Sponge

Our 5 Favourite Eco Bathroom Products

This loofah sponge is a bathroom staple. A great alternative to plastic sponges, this loofah sponge is made from the loofah plant, meaning is it completely compostable when it reaches the end of its life. Once wet, these loofah sponges soften slightly and become flexible, but still have a roughness which makes them perfect for exfoliation, ensuring that your skin is silky soft. Choose from a square or cute heart shape!

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